European Media Art Festiaval Osnabrück 18.-22. April 2012


The Experimentalfilm Workshop e. V. as legal body of the European Media Art Festival distributes programmes with experimental films and art videos in Germany and abroad. In the distribution catalogue you may search for titles or artists. 
We also offer special programmes like >Underground Zero< or >Europe in Shorts< as well as experimental feature films like >Decay of Fiction< by Pat O'Neil, >Tom< by Mike Holboom or the body of film works of Rotraut Pape and Klaus Telscher.


After every year's festival the EUROPEAN MEDIA ART FESTIVAL resp. the Experimentalfilm Workshop e.V. selects film and video packages out of the festival programmes. This touring packages are presented in galleries, cinemas and museums in Germany and abroad.


With this caption, EMAF compiled the films for the actual Tour. This 80 min. programme presents beside the three prize-winning films at EMAF 2010, works which deal with history, narratives and own memories and its completion.


After the tours the film and video prints are archived and distributed for single or package screenings.

The tour archive can be found here.